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Angelic Turquoise and Pearl Earrings

Turquoise and Two Pearl Trio Earrings


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These exquisite classic and contemporary earrings are sure to turn heads! An oval turquoise stone sits on its side at the top. As you continue your gaze downward, you see two polished .925 sterling silver swirls cradling two small white pearls. The silhouette of this handcrafted piece is so feminine and flirty! As it hangs from a french hook closure these earrings will draw attention your way all day long!


Triple the Beauty Ring

Triple the Beauty Ring

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You can’t go wrong with this classic and romantic amethyst and pearl ring. An oval purple amethyst is sandwiched between two oval white pearls, all stacked in a vertical line. Set in polished .925 silver, this stunning ring is available in 6, 7, 8, and 9. All sizes are adjustable.

Blue Druzy and Pearl Pendant

Blue Druzy and Pearl Pendant (SSP-70006A)

Blue Druzy and Pearl Pendant (SSP-70006A)

Your jaw will drop in amazement as you gaze at the incredible beauty of this contemporary Blue Druzy and Pearl Pendant. A round white pearl is set above an oval blue druzy. Druzy is a cluster of tiny quartz crystals that form within stones. They are all natural cut and are not smooth on top. Druzy has a sugar like appearance that sparkles vividly. Both the pearl and the druzy are bezel set in polished .925 silver. Coming up from a row of three silver beads on both sides of the druzy are polished silver swirls that rest in between the two stones. The swirls are slightly smaller than the pearl and each have a silver bead on top. A cluster of three silver beads adorn the bottom of the druzy. This pendant is such a breathtakingly unique piece that you will want to show it off everywhere you go. It is suitable for even the most formal events. *Natural stone color may vary.