Lisette Marcasite Ring

Lisette Marcasite Ring

If you have been searching for a sophisticated and easy to wear ring with sparkle that works with everything, your search is over. Our Lisette Marcasite Ring features an elegant wide ribbon design with one ribbon tail gracefully folded over the other. The folding creates dimension, the illusion of movement and resembles the shape of a heart. The ribbons are adorned with marcasite in different patterns divided with a silver cording accent. The center pattern is wider than the two outer patterns which have the same detailing. This variation and artistic touch further enhances the beauty and design of the ring. The silver cording accent continues to delicately follow along the entire edge of the ribbon face. The handpolished finish is sleek and compliments the design. Handcrafted using .925 silver, this is a work of art. The ring covers a large portion of the finger while offering sparkle and style. The classic silver and marcasite combination makes this an easy to wear and mix piece. You will feel gorgeous and chic wearing this striking ring. Adorn yourself with this lovely ring and add sparkle to any ensemble.

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