Sema Necklace

Sema Necklace

You can feel the breezes from the Aegean Sea as you stroll through a fishing village. Your senses and soul are warmed as you take in the quaintness and natural beauty of the coastline, whitewashed houses and cascading bright colored bougainvilleas. Handcrafted using blue quartz, this necklace is a natural beauty. Three lovely quartz stones are polished, facet cut, and held in a bezel setting. Two stones are round and set on an antiqued silver chain with gold vermeil circle accents. The third stone is oval and set like a pendant so that it slides on the chain in-between the two round stones. Dangling from the oval stone are three gold vermeil tassel chains each finished with an antiqued silver leaf. This stunning necklace is a beautiful expression of Turkish jewelry artistry and craftsmanship. The fashion forward black, gold and blue combination will make you feel chic and elegant. Let your own natural beauty shine for all to see with this wonderful necklace.


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