Southern Comfort Lanyard

Southern Comfort Lanyard (SEL-60010)

Southern Comfort Lanyard (SEL-60010)

The simple string nametag lanyard seen all too often around the office can be so mundane and boring. Express your own individuality and feminine flair with this stunning natural gemstone lanyard. This fabulous Southern Comfort Lanyard is composed of turquoise and amber colored agate, black onyx, and amber colored glass beads with small pewter spacers. Attached to a small metal ring at the end of the drop is a large oval metal ring that can hold an ID badge or keys. This ring can be easily detached if so desired. Our lanyards are handcrafted in America and made to last for years. They make great gifts for co-workers, friends, family, and teachers! Any woman would absolutely love to receive such an irresistible and thoughtful gift. You can personalize it to match a birthstone or favorite color. This ravishing lanyard can also be wrapped around your wrist for a beautiful bulky layered bracelet. *Natural stone color may vary.

For more information email us at Website coming in one week!


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